Blast Management

BLASTPLAN-PRO® represents the continuing development of the successful BLASTPLAN® initiation design application.

BLASTPLAN-PRO advanced blast design software has the following functions and features:

Charging Module
Create explosives loading standards using the simple drag and drop graphical interface. Add decks of explosives and inert material then apply charge standards to selected groups of holes to load them.

Video: Charge Standards

Blast Analysis
Analyse the blast to confirm function using an array of blaster friendly tools
Create hole-by-hole charge sheets.
Check the design powder factors for standard blasts and pre-splits.

Video: Blast Analysis

Electronic Timing Module
Design electronic timing for the most complex blast geometries using simple graphical objects.

Video: The Box and the Egg

Design and simulate complex multi-deck blasts
Create wire-up and logging sheets for field deployment.
Directly download timing design to control hardware.

Video: Multideck

Ground Vibration Module
BLASTPLAN-PRO uses state-of-the-art weighted scale distance calculations to model ground vibration using all explosives decks and the actual firing sequence rather than a single maximum instantaneous charge. Once the model is calibrated simply add monitor points to predict vibration at key locations.

Video: Ground Vibration

BLASTPLAN-PRO is available for download on a 30 day free trial basis from this web page.

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