Blast Management

Detonating Cord Security System


Legislation requires that persons storing explosives must maintain accurate stock records in order to identify discrepancies.

Currently, part rolls of detonating cord are an issue as records fail to identify exact remaining quantities.

Note that small quantities of detonating cord have significant explosive quantities. Twenty centimetres of 5 gram cord has the same amount of PETN as a detonator.

The CordLok® security tie system provides assurance that magazine stock systems have the ability to identify discrepancies regarding small quantities of detonating cord.

Once CordLok® ties are placed unauthorised persons cannot remove detonating cord without leaving evidence.

To secure part rolls of detonating cord a CordLok® tie is tightly attached close to the free end every part roll returned to the magazine and tail of the tie is trimmed.

The unique serial number is recorded in the magazine stock record (see example).

Magazine Record for Part Rolls. The record shows there are currently two part rolls in the magazine, 099 224 and 101 223.

Click [HERE] to download magazine record form.

Once the CordLok® tie has been applied it can only be removed by cutting off and cannot be re-attached.

CordLok® security ties are available in packs of 500.

Current pricing is $140 per pack of 500 Units plus postage plus GST.


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