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Blastplan-PRO Files

BLASTPLAN-PRO Example Files.

The BLASTPLAN-PRO files on this page are examples of good design. Some files demonstrate specific design points, others have been submitted by Drill and Blast professionals as representative of a particular blast type.

Note that these designs have been developed for a specific application under conditions at the time. BMI provides no warranty for suitability elsewhere, all blast designs should be ratified by suitably qualified personnel before use.


Multiseam blasting with electronic initiation Up to four decks loaded per hole.
The EGG Example showing contours available using the egg timing object
Production blast with presplit Standard two deck production blast with presplit
Small vee blast The example file used in the help file.
Change angle of initiation Shows a typical change from a cast to a standup blast.
Outside Corner This file demonstrates the correct method for firing an outside corner. The center of echelon rotation is shown.
Cast Blast A typical large cast blast with a double stitch front row. Designed by Mischa Upton.
Cast blast 01 Mischa's blast in high speed video.
Tunnel Bench This is a design for firing out the bottom section of a large civil tunnel. The blast is in two sections to enable a ramp to the face to be maintained.
Example csv file for importing
Example csv file for importing