Blast Management

Installation Instructions

  1. Download a copy of BLASTPLAN-PRO™ from the website and install it. The downloaded file is an MSI installer file which Windows® will recognise and install when double-clicked on.

  2. When BLASTPLAN-PRO™ is first started after a new installation you will be asked to supply a License Key. This key can be obtained by registering at the website and obtaining either a 30 day evaluation license or purchasing a license for BLASTPLAN-PRO. You will be asked to provide the System Code shown on the BLASTPLAN-PRO™ License screen in order to obtain your license key.

  3. After you have obtained your license key, copy and paste the new license key in the provided text box and click OK.

  4. Your BLASTPLAN-PRO™ system should now be fully operational for the duration of the given license.

Should you have any issues please contact BLASTPLAN-PRO™ support at


Step by Step for using a Voucher