Blast Management

Safe and Efficient Blasting

Safe and Efficient Blasting in Underground Metalliferous Mines and Safe and Efficient Blasting in Surface mines.

A two day course covering all aspects of the blasting process including blast design, practical management of blasting operations, risk management and blast optimisation.

The course designed to provide enhanced skills and capability to persons with responsibility for the safe and efficient running of a drill and blast operation.

Course content includes:

  • Explosives properties, construction and functioning.
  • Specific units on bulk and initiation systems, including electronic initiation.
  • Blast design for specific outcomes.
  • Priming and loading practical issues.
  • Management and optimisation of blasting operations.
  • Misfire management and waste control.
  • Risk management and blast failure analysis
  • Statutory requirements including storage and transport.

Course content may be modified to meet particular group needs, for example specific training on Long Hole Raising may be added to the underground course or Control of Blasting Induced Coal Loss may be added to the surface course.

BTI trainers have extensive experience which includes both time with explosives suppliers and time in operations which helps to give a balanced viewpoint.

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