Blast Management

Blasting consultants

Peter Duniam

Peter Duniam is a Mining Engineer with 20 years of experience in the mining and construction industry, specialising in blasting operations in difficult and technically challenging areas.

Having spent fifteen years working for major explosives suppliers in Australia, Africa and Asia, Peter established ExploFix Pty Ltd in 2004 to provide an independent consulting service to the mining and explosives industry.

Peter has presented several technical papers at international conferences on a diverse range of subjects including vibration control, training, electronic detonator systems and underground blast techniques. find out more...

Peter McCallum

Peter McCallum Blasting Consultant

Over twenty years in the explosives industry with specialised skills in non-electric detonator systems and their application.

Working with product selection and specification, blast design and practical use of initiation systems with extensive experience in manufacturing and end-use interfaces.

Ongoing involvement in the development and delivery of training courses and systems.

Specific interests in the investigation, corrective action and management of misfire events.

Ned Knight

Ned Knight Blasting Consultant

Ned has over thirty five years experience in both underground and surface hard rock mining.

He has particular skills in coaching blast crews and supervisors to consistently achieve a high level of performance and is highly regarded as a trainer.

Ned trains in all the shotfirer units of competency and is also an I-Kon systems trainer and assessor. He also specialises in Drill and Blast procedure development and implementation.

Darren Coutas

Darren Coutas Blasting Consultant

Darren started his mining career as an underground surveyor then moved across into the drill and blast profession.

Darren has over 15 years experience managing Drill and Blast teams at all levels as well as working with electronic detonator suppliers and consulting to large mining organisations.

Darren's current focus is the delivery of the BMI drill and blast engineer training program as well as general drill and blast consulting.

Alastair Torrance

Alastair Torrance Blasting Consultant

Alastair has over 25 years experience in the explosives industry. He has been involved in the hands on technical services, R & D and the strategic management of those functions.

He has a deep understanding of explosive products and applications and has extensive experience in product development and troubleshooting.

Alastair has been a member of the ISEE since 1989 and has been on the ISEE Board of Directors since 2006.


Software team

Graham Parke

Graham Parker Software Development

Graham came to BMI with specific software skills related to CAD and database development. Graham has over twenty years in the IT industry and has delivered many applications including GPS tracking systems, AutoCAD interfaces, SQL databases and embedded hardware systems.

Graham is currently working on the BMI range of blast design products which are available for download from this site.

In his spare time Graham flies model helicopters and plays guitar.

Sue Harris

Sue Harris Software Development

Sue has been professionally programming for more than 10 years and has worked on software as diverse as accounting packages, inventory control, document management systems, workflow management and most recently mine scheduling and planning.

Sue has joined BMI to work on the DATABLAST project.

Geoff Duniam

Geoff Duniam Software Development

London based Geoff has over 25 years in database design and development on both Oracle and SQL platforms most recently as Application Development Manager for a global professional services firm.

Geoff is providing database design and support to the DATABLAST project.

Warren Ludcke

Warren Ludcke Software Development

Warren Ludcke is a software engineer with over 14 years of experience in a diverse range of industries. His specialties include graphical user interface design, embedded device integration, communications and networking.

Warren joined BMI to support and develop the BLASTPLAN-PRO application.


Other Staff

Alli Moore Training Systems Manager